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Being a Transformational Leader is about taking action to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more than they ever thought possible. 


I consistently strive to "do it better" by challenging the assumptions, taking risks, and doing it differently. By traveling on paths less trodden, I am able to Trailblaze so that others in my industry and beyond can go to places they have never been to with me. The key is to create an appealing Vision to engage, excite our people to move ahead with a sense of purpose, ownership and Team Spirit.

As a leader, I achieve this by focusing on individuals to achieve Maximum Performance which is about improving their craft and skillsets progressively enabling them to Create Visibility and Rise Above Mediocrity. This is where acknowledging every individual’s need, identify their talents, and leveraging their strengths to make it happen. 

The truth is every individual has a choice to choose the quality and kind of life they want to live as long as they understand the commitment, are willing to face the consequences and take on the responsibilities required to live up to the choice they make. When the choice is taken, they can start their journey to "Rise Above Mediocrity".

“As you become more present in your own life, you will begin to enlighten others by your example.”

My Leadership style is underpinned by 

4I's of Transformational Leadership

Transformational vs Transactional.png

The concept of transformational leadership was initially introduced by James V. Downton, the first to coin the term "Transformational leadership", a concept further developed by leadership expert and presidential biographer James MacGregor Burns


My Leadership in the
Financial Services Industry

As an Associate Director in the Financial Services Industry, I believe every individual deserves to live their lives by their own design. 

I put great emphasis on the spirit of collaboration and inclusion to better understand my client's unique circumstances, help them go, not where I think they should go, but where they want to go so that they may live the lives that they design. 

I consistently strive to "do it better" by challenging the assumptions, taking risks, and doing it differently by trailblazing initiatives like the Game Changer Channel for other Leaders within the Financial Services Industry to benefit from the experience and knowledge of other industries and experts. 

As an Agency Management Training Course Moderator, aspire to inspire the future generation of Financial Professionals and leaders by guiding them to travel on paths less trodden and lead them to go to places they have never been to with me.

Dev Rai

Hands-on Global Supply Chain, deep International expertise in Strategic Supply Chain Management

Sakthi played a very important role in my life. Before I used his services I was ignorant about insurance. I always thought I had my risk management and wealth accumulation covered and spent my money unwisely. However, right now I have different stages of my life sorted out and in case of any emergency, I can safely say I am ready for it. Thank you, Sakthi and my family appreciates the help as well.

Dawn Chan

Driving Returns for Brands & Agencies with Zemanta

Having been recommended Sakthi through a close connection, I found him to be knowledgeable, honest, and personable. He listened well to my specific needs and addressed them professionally with efficiency. I look forward to a mutually successful long-term relationship with him as my financial guide.

Evan Tan

Life Designer | Wealth Management Specialist | AEPP

Sakthi looks at the intrinsic value of people and chooses to invest heavily in those that he believes in. Never one to give up, he supports the team as a whole as he firmly believes in teamwork and growth altogether. Being a visionary, he looks beyond and into long-term goals. Thorough considerations are made to ensure the feasibility and steps to achieve them. Working with Sakthi has been a breeze as he maintains a transparent and open door concept where it’s always comfortable to reach out to him regardless of the matter at hand

Saravanan Kandasamy

Educator | MOE

Sakthivel is a courageous and Transformational leader who knows what he wants. A very focused person who sets clear goals and is determined to achieve them. He is always quick to adapt to new challenges and change his thinking and mindset to suit the different requirements. He has all the necessary skills to be a good communicator and leader and is one of the best.

Sima Rai

Assistant Director Supply Chain at ALPS Pte Ltd

Sakthivel is a super-strong leader both in Military and as an Entrepreneur, who never fail to walk the talk. His determination is amazing as once he set his mind to achieve something, he will get it done. A charismatic Leader whose aura is so strong that he attract people like a magnet.  I can count on him anytime if I need help or motivation. 



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