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Why I Should Speak At Your Event

Creating a Lasting Impact on your Audience

Sakthi energizes his audience to meet the challenges around them by skilfully weaving his compelling life story into learning messages through his speaking themes like ‘Rise Above Mediocrity, ‘Achieving Maximum Performance’, ‘Speed Adaptability for Transformational Leaders' and 'Creating Visibility around your Personal Brand’.

Addressing audiences from Malaysia, Indonesia, and numerous organizations and companies in Singapore, Sakthi is always invited back again for his powerful messages and the ability to connect deeply with people from all walks of life. It isn’t just his great smile and his way with words that motivate people to take action like never before.


Over the past decade, Sakthi committed himself to personal and professional development, enabling him to expand his role from a Master Trainer to a keynote speaker on Leadership and Personal Development. His charisma, warmth, humor, and engaging stories have transformed ordinary people into extraordinary.

My Past Keynotes

Keynote for MASWings

Keynote for BioMed Festival

Keynote for FSMA

My Speaking Topics

Rise Above Mediocrity
- Be Different

Rise Above Mediocrity - Be Different

‘Rising Above Mediocrity' is for individuals focusing on defining their Success and looking for key strategies to work towards it. The key is to understand and accept that we are all different and so is our definition of success.

Success is determined by what we really want for ourselves rather than what others expect of us. The reality is, situations will never always be favorable so instead of just reacting, it’s wiser to respond with thought-through action plans.

‘Rising Above Mediocrity' is filled with Life examples, entertaining stories with principles reflected that can be used as a guide for one to understand their limitations and strengths, and addresses areas that are less obvious but no less important when seeking success through personal effectiveness.

Speed Adaptability for Transformational Leaders

Speed Adaptability for Transformational Leaders

A leader, along with his/her team, must be able to identify the challenges ahead, resources available and build a long-term vision for the team, and constantly engage employees to perform to the best of their abilities and grow professionally and personally, in the process.


This poses a demand on a leader’s skill and will to adapt to change fast. At no other time in recent history has ‘Speed adaptability’ been more important than it is now. Adaptability is not just a "nice to have competency." It is a competitive advantage to you.


‘Speed Adaptability for Transformational Leaders’  focuses on the 5-step Speed Adaptability process to prevail uncertain times, to respond and to steer change, and enable leaders to rise to the challenge and seek new and innovative ways to solve problems, master new skills, and view disruption as a challenge rather than a threat.

Creating Visibility Around

Your Personal Brand

Creating Visibility Around Your Personal Brand

In today’s business world our customers and candidates have numerous choices so how can you position yourself, and be visible to be considered seriously. 


Positioning as an expert is an integral part of our positioning. The emotions, imagery, and associations we create, connects us with people as a professional. This process has to be well-thought-out and planned before execution.


The biggest challenge is to create visibility effectively. This means we need to use multiple methods to enhance our visibility to reach our potential. How can you position yourself and create that visibility through both online and offline channels that give you the maximum number of opportunities to connect with potential customers?


‘Creating Visibility around your Personal Brand’ provides the key ideas needed for leaders and professionals to position themselves as experts, connecting with the right community, and use online platforms and tools like Podcasts and Live Chats to achieve this.

Maximum Performance in Sales and Leadership

Achieving Maximum Performance

Geared towards individuals and professionals who are seeking to make changes to unleash their potential to achieve success. This Transformation talk addresses the habits, skills, knowledge, mindset, and action plans required for participants to enhance their ability to achieve maximum performance. To understand and apply strategies to create maximum value in the minimum time and effort through Personal Effectiveness. 

‘Achieving Maximum Performance’ enables you to unleash your potential to excel by making effective use of all the available resources like talents, skills, energy, and time at your disposal to achieve both Professional and Personal goals.



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