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Be a force of change.
Everybody deserves to live life by their own design.

"There is no better way to live your life than to have your passion in action and consistently challenge yourself to do it better for personal and professional growth and live life by your own design."

TR Sakthivel Thevar

Leader in Financial Advisory Practice | MDRT Qualifier | International Speaker | Triathlete


Check out how Sakthi as a Transformational Leader takes action to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more than they ever thought possible. 

See how you can empower yourself to be learning and to achieve life by your design through my Advisory practice and speaking engagements in a constantly changing world.


Having worked with many families, individuals, and organisations, here are some personal experiences and thoughts to engage and enrich you.

What others say about me

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We all have a choice to 'Rise Above Mediocrity'

I consistently strive to "do it better" by challenging assumptions, taking risks, and doing it differently. By traveling on paths less trodden, I am able to Trailblaze so that others in my industry and beyond can go to places they have never been to with me. The key is to create an appealing Vision to engage and excite our people to move ahead with a sense of purpose, ownership, and Team Spirit. 

As a business leader, I achieve this by focusing on individuals to achieve Maximum Performance which is about improving their craft and skillsets progressively enabling them to Rise Above Mediocrity. This is where acknowledging every individual’s needs, identifying their talents, and leveraging their strengths to make it happen.  

The truth is every individual has a choice to choose the quality and kind of life they want to live as long as they understand the commitment, are willing to face the consequences, and take on the responsibilities required to live up to the choice they make. When the choice is taken, they can start their journey to Rise Above Mediocrity. 

Transform yourself.

Do It Better and start your Trailblazing

journey and rise above mediocrity.

Sakthi effectively divides his time between being a leader, running his own Advisory practice, and pursuing his passion as an International Speaker. As a leader, he acts as a mentor to his team and grooms financial advisors for success. As an International speaker and Maximum Performance Coach, he guides sales professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in the industry.

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