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Sakthivel Thevar is a grounded leader who is comfortable being his authentic self and does not get distracted by tough moments. He believes in the importance of never forgetting his roots no matter how much he grows, which gives him strength, peace, which makes him an approachable leader to many. 

From Forest Green to Blue Ocean ...

TR. Sakthivel Thevar started his career in the most challenging way possible, as a military officer in the Singapore Armed Forces for 11 years since 1998, before embarking on his journey to run his own Advisory practice. 

During his numerous combat and leadership appointments, he completed many confidence courses, such as Jungle Confidence Course, Airborne Course, Individual Combat Skills, Royal Thailand Airborne, and graduated as an Airborne Ranger.

He is currently an Associate Director leading his own team in the Financial Industry, and a highly sought-after speaker within the business and corporate circle.

Making Impacts...

Being a Transformational leader, he adapted quickly to the business world and made his mark in the Financial Industry, as Associate Director working with numerous organizations and companies. He identifies, evaluates, and designs plans that help them grow, and develops individual and Organizational Risk Management initiatives to mitigate their risks while increasing and sustaining that growth.

Having won numerous Sales and Leadership awards, including the Million Dollar Round Table and Top recruiting Manager, Sakthi continuously embarks on new initiatives both as an Associate Trainer and the Moderator of Agency Management Training Course for leaders within the Financial Industry.


He is the first to start the Game Changer Channel within the Insurance Industry inviting industry experts to share their knowledge and expertise so the leaders within his Industry can benefit and grow. 


He is also highly sought-after within the business and corporate circle for his Transformational Leadership, Speed Adaptability, Communication, Sales, Personal Branding, and Mindset transformation talks and even hosted his own ‘Bettery Hub’ Channel and Podcast channel, engaging and interviewing business owners and industry experts. 

... and living Life By Design

As a recognised leader in Financial Services, he is known for giving valuable advice that reflects his wealth of experience in the field. Moreover, he is noted for running a credible, client-focused business and works closely with high-net-worth individuals and business owners in areas of Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation, Business Succession Planning, and Estate Planning.

He continues his passion for training and public speaking, having done numerous training and speaking engagements with Marketing Institute of Singapore, PSB Academy, Zurich Insurance Malaysia, Takaful Malaysia, Mendaki Sense, Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA), and Singapore Armed Forces making an impact on thousands in his audience. 

Right from the start, Sakthi is determined to build his business to revolve around his lifestyle due to his belief that every individual deserves to live life by their own design, which now allows him to effectively and successfully divide his time between his financial advisory practice, speaking engagements and pursue his passion participating in numerous triathlon events.



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