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1st June 2021
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Making your Personal Brand

More Visible

In today’s business world our customers and candidates have numerous choices in the Financial Industry. How can you position yourself to be visible to be considered seriously?  
Positioning as an expert is an integral part of our positioning especially for our professional service in the Financial Industry. The emotions, imagery, and associations we create, connects us with people as a  professional. This process has to be well-thought-out and planned before execution. 
The biggest challenge is to create visibility effectively. This means we need to use multiple methods to enhance our visibility to reach our potential customers and candidates for recruitment. How can you position yourself and create that visibility through both online and offline communications that give you the maximum number of opportunities to connect with potential customers and candidates?

This session provides the key components needed for leaders in the Financial Planning industry to position themselves as experts, connecting with the right community, and use online platforms and tools like Podcasts and Live chats to achieve this.

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"Creating Visibility around Your Personal Brand"

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