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Life is not about going through the motion. Every individual deserves to empower themselves to live their lives by their own design.


Living Life
By My Own Design

For many, achieving a good balance between their work and other aspects of life may not come naturally. That is why I believe in living my life by my design regardless of the constant demands for my time and attention balancing the different aspects of my life.

The ‘Life By Design’ Model was first introduced by me with the spirit and belief that every individual deserves to empower themselves to live their lives by their own design. This allows individuals to balance the four key aspects of their lives. Wellness, Self, Relationship, and Aspiration.

Apart from focusing on my Advisory business, I ensure that I lead by example by balancing my time and attention on my passion for triathlons, my relationship with family, and other aspects as shown on the ‘Life By Design’ Model below.

Unpacking the
Life By Design Model

The ‘Life By Design’ Model consists of 4 main domains and each domain is subdivided into 4 categories that cover all our key areas in life. The model was designed for us to successfully set holistic goals and be conscious of the different areas we want to focus on instead of solely focusing on work or financials.


The ‘LBD’ Model gives us the clarity to set holistic goals and embark on our action plans with the right mindset. This also provides a sense of purpose, increased self-confidence, renewed energy, greater satisfaction, and a way to overcome fears and procrastination. This empowers us to achieve Maximum Performance.

Life By Design toolkit.png

Leading my Life
By Design


Learning to live life by design was a big step in discovering a path that will lead me to my greatest sense of happiness and accomplishment. We all need moments to rest and relish in a sense of contentment, but staying in one place too long will leave us feeling a lack in life. Discover what makes your life feel meaningful and go after it. 

My past is important to learn from. My future is important to work towards. At the end of the day, the only thing that exists outside of my head is present. I put great emphasis to ground myself in the now, which involves learning to live in the moment by noticing what’s around me, how I’m feeling, and why I’m feeling that way.



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