Life is not about going through the motion. Every individual deserves to empower themselves to live their lives by their own design.

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Living Life
By Your Own Design

For some, achieving a good balance between their work and other aspects of life seem to come naturally. Many of us, however, find it to be a distinct challenge; with constant demands for our time and attention. It is all too easy to focus on one area of our lives at the expense of all the others.


When the balance between the different aspects of our life become unmanageable, the time we dedicate to our personal life is compromised. This can negatively impact our health, relationships and performance at work.


The ‘Life By Design’ Model was first introduced by Sakthivel Thevar with the spirit and belief that every individual deserves to empower themselves to live their lives by their own design. This allows individuals to balance the four key aspects in their lives. Wellness, Self, Relationship and Aspiration.

Unpacking the
Life By Design Model

The ‘Life By Design’ Model consists of 4 main domains and each domain is sub-divided into 3 categories which covers all our key areas in life. The model was designed for us to successfully set holistic goals and be conscious of the different areas we want to focus on instead of solely focusing on work or financials.


The ‘LBD’ Model gives us the clarity to set holistic goals and embark on our action plans with the right mindset. This also provides a sense of purpose, increased self-confidence, renewed energy, greater satisfaction and a way to overcome fears and procrastination. This empowers us to achieve Maximum Performance.

Life By Design toolkit.png

My Leadership in the

Financial Services Industry

As an Associate Director in the Financial Services Industry, I believe every individual deserves to live their lives by their own design. 

I put great emphasis on the spirit of collaboration and inclusion to better understand my client's unique circumstances, help them go, not where I think they should go, but where they want to go so that they may live the lives that they design. 

I consistently strive to "do it better" by challenging the assumptions, taking risks, and doing it differently by trailblazing initiatives like the Game Changer Channel for other Leaders within the Financial Services Industry to benefit from the experience and knowledge of other industries and experts. 

As an Agency Management Training Course Moderator, aspire to inspire the future generation of Financial Professionals and leaders by guiding them to travel on paths less trodden and lead them to go to places they have never been to with me.



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