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Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance is achieved when individuals exert maximum effort each time they embark on their bite-sized goals with the right mindset and action plan. This is achieved by using the M.A.X framework which encompasses Mindset, Action Plan, and eXecution to Achieve Maximum Performance.


With a Max-performance mindset, you don't set limits on your beliefs and what you are capable of achieving. It’s about living your life-with-an an abundance mindset and expand along with what's possible. Soon, you will realize that things you thought were impossible before, now become achievable.

Action Plan

In our Action Planning phase, we self-reflect and identify areas of strength, to develop and set goals with actionable plans to achieve them with Maximum Performance. The secret is to break your massive goals into bite-sized goals which will enable you to get what you want in amounts greater than you ever thought imaginable works in every area of life.


It is not enough to just establish an action plan and this is where during the eXecution phase, detailed breakdowns of activities are required. Success is achieved through massive action, frequent validation, follow-ups actions, activity management, and performance review. This established systematic progress allows you to achieve Maximum Performance towards the goals set.

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Benefits of M.A.X Performance

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The idea behind achieving Maximum Performance is to work in a  progressive and systematic way so you are recognized and known to everyone around you for being an expert in what you do.


Adopting the right maximum performance mindset, strategize your action plans and execute them to achieve your desired goals and results. The key is progressively to increase your actions by many folds and achieve maximum performance at each stage and get to where you want to be in life.

When you break it down, it’s all about habit formation. The idea here is to get yourself into the habit of going above and beyond to the point that it becomes second nature to you to achieve maximum performance in every single thing that you do.


This also provides a sense of purpose, increased self-confidence, a way to overcome fears and procrastination, renewed energy, and greater satisfaction.

Max Performance Coaching and Workshops


Max Performance in Leadership

Maximum Performance for leaders provides leaders with the tools and processes needed to meet their organization’s leadership challenges. You will explore issues such as organizational structures, incentives, managing performance, and using feedback to enhance personal professional growth.

Our  M.A.X framework provides leaders with crucial skills for leading people in a globalized environment, learning how to create a culture of achievement that not only promotes long-term growth but also develops future generations of leaders.


Max Performance in Sales

Achieving Maximum Performance in sales is designed for sales professionals looking to embark on a progressive and systematic way to be more effective, confident to achieve desired sales goals. This is achieved using the M.A.X framework which encompasses Mindset, Action Plan and eXecution to Achieve Maximum Performance when embarking on their bite-sized goals with the right mindset, breaking down elements of the sales process, so you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice for any sales conversation or opportunity to connect with your potential customer.

To find out more

Loo Leap Han

HR Practitioner | HR Catalyst |

HR Advocate

Mr. Sakthi participated Biomed Global Learning Festival 2021 as a guest speaker. His topic presentation was Achieving Maximum Performance for Desired Results in the Workplace. Fantastic contents, good case studies shared, and practical solutions to achieving lasting success. Biomed Global is looking forward to more collaboration with Mr. Sakthi on people development workshops and coaching sessions

Melissa Crocker

Trainer at MASWings

Inspiring and motivating, that is what comes to mind if I describe Sakthi's performance in his recent talk titled Achieving Maximum Performance for Leaders conducted for Malaysia Aviation Group specifically for MASwings in Sabah and Sarawak. We thoroughly enjoyed the session and it became the topic of the day for us! 
His passion and energy are obviously his strength as he captures the audience with his inspiring stories! I look forward to seeing more of Sakthi in action! A special thanks to Sakthi for his willingness to conduct the session for us albeit given 2 weeks’ notice! Kudos Sakthi for your marvelous performance!

Vy Nguyen

Country Manager for

Cloud Kinetics in Vietnam

It was a great honour to be coached by Sakthi. His methodology and leadership coaching sessions have brought much great value to my leadership development journey. I enjoyed every coaching session and he will go the extra length to ensure you are comfortable and feel welcome, and make sure that everything is put into practice.



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