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The Power of Creating Visibility for Financial Advisors

In today’s business world our customers have numerous choices in the Financial Industry. The common question I always get from Financial Advisors is – “How can I position myself and be visible to be considered seriously?”

The reality is being visible is something that many advisors really struggle with but it is this visibility that is going to make you stand out from the masses if you believe that your contribution and service will positively impact the broader community. The simple but hard truth is that this business is not unique. Someone is already doing it and maybe even better than you if you compare purely with products, sales, and profits.

The one crucial difference is that there is only one you. Your business is not unique but you certainly are. The only way to cut through the clutter and noise of your competition is to make yourself visible and relevant. And by relevance, you need to have an intentional presence that changes your branding and business into a timeless essence. Ten or twenty years from now, people need to look at you and think wow he or she has come a long way and is still rocking and relevant.

Therefore positioning as an expert is an integral part of tour positioning, especially for your professional service in the Financial Industry. The emotions, imagery, and associations you create, connect you with people as a professional. This process has to be well thought out and planned before execution.

The biggest challenge is to create visibility effectively. This means one needs to use multiple methods to enhance visibility to reach potential customers and candidates for recruitment. I have personally worked with numerous professionals to position themselves and create that visibility through both online and offline communications that give them the maximum number of opportunities to connect with potential customers and candidates.

Here are 3 key components needed for leaders in the Financial Planning industry to position themselves as experts, connect with the right community and use online platforms and tools like Podcasts and Live chats to achieve this.

1. Positioning as an Expert

It’s about using the power of words to leverage your opportunities and always look into how to plan and act in intentional directions which allows you to be omnipresent where people see you everywhere around your topic as an expert as you grow into the ultimate expert in your field.

2. Connecting with the right community

Your potential resource pool is people including your followers on social media who are observing you on who you associate with and the network you connect with. Always look into ways on how you can leverage on connecting with the right community who are aligned with your positioning and focus to create opportunities to connect with potential customers and the center of Influencers.

3. Creating visibility through Strategic content placement

The creation of content can be time-consuming. Your expertise needs to be seen in the right place to demonstrate your expertise to others, especially connections with influence. Explore how to create strategic content placement with your personal stories and experiences that have learning value for your connections and followers to take away.

One effective way to create visibility for yourself is to leverage other Industry experts using podcasts and Live chats. It’s important to differentiate yourself in the way you describe your work. If you are an Agency Director or senior manager, focus on how would you describe your leadership focus and style? If you are highly knowledgeable in a particular niche, research who seeks you out and why and create content to attract them.

The more you put yourself out there, raw and real, the better your chances of finding the right demographics to work with and build your business. Being different and visible does not mean you need to consistently go on an ego trip but strive to build visibility that connects and converts.

Building a personal brand is now more important than ever in a world filled with business brutality and ruthlessness. People are looking for genuine services with the human touch to make a difference so if you can offer it to them, they will hold onto you.

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of being visible.

Sakthivel Thevar is an award-winning leader in Financial Services and a highly sought-after international speaker and Maximum Performance coach within the business and corporate circle starting his career in the most challenging way possible, as a military officer and Airborne Ranger in the Singapore Armed Forces.

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