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You are your greatest asset so invest in yourself.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

We are the greatest asset that we own, so investing in ourselves may be the most profitable investment we can ever make. Not only does it yield future returns, but we can yield current pay-off as well.

In my opinion and experience as an entrepreneur, an assured way to achieve a better quality of life, be satisfied, productive, and achieve our defined success is to place priority on investing in both our personal and professional growth. The consistent effort we put into investing in ourselves plays a large role in determining the outcome and quality of life now and in the future. Here are 6 powerful ways that I had invested in myself. Hope you find it useful.

My intent for this article is not to give you the ‘Hows’ but more of the ‘Whys’ and ‘Whats’ you can do to invest in yourself.

1. Be clear of your 'WHY'.

The purpose is powerful, which gets us up running in the morning and keeps us awake at night. An individual driven by a clear purpose of the ‘Why’ factor and deeply held belief will be able to accomplish anything great that he or she desires.

‘Why we do what we do?'

Take an hour or two by yourself and reflect on the above question. Some probing questions to help you think deeper would be on what you care about most deeply, what types of ‘bigger than yourself’ activities will get you fired up or feel most fulfilled? Do take time to do this exercise and reap the benefits of having clarity in your ‘Whys.’

2. Explore and discover your Strengths.

A simple but incredibly powerful question you can ask yourself:

‘What are you doing when you are at your best?’

The above question allows us to reflect and discover our strengths. As the saying goes, “We will reach a level of competency when we work on our weakness but reach the level of excellence when we focus to build on our strengths.”

The most successful people in the world have always discovered the areas they are best at and build their personal as well as professional lives around their strengths so start exploring to discover your areas of strength.

3. Develop your skills and knowledge

Developing or improving your skills and knowledge doesn’t always mean just investing in higher education, though it’s necessary for some of you depending on your career and the industry you are in.

Investing in skills and knowledge can take many forms and does not have to be always limited to the business arena and does not need to be formal. Invest in skills and knowledge through different ‘Skill investment avenues’, available today.

4. Start a habit

Every habit has a different catalyst and offers a unique payoff toward your goals. Some are simple and others are complex. The key is to make a list of habits you want to inculcate in your daily life and identify one habit that will pay the highest dividend in helping you achieve your desired outcome. Start working on that one habit.

You may have tried to acquire and dropped the idea of getting into a habit in the past but the real obstacle for most people is not the lack of determination. It’s the lack of understanding of how habits works and the process of getting it so start working on it again.

You may choose to get inspired by the “96 days Challenge” that I use to get many of my associates and clients to challenge themselves to get into the desired habit.

5. Get a Mentor

The benefits of getting a Mentor are definitely worth it but the challenge is to find the right mentor. To find a mentor, make a list of people who has a lot of experience in your line of business or in the area you intend to build on. It’s fine to broaden your search to individuals who are successful in another field or with whom you can particularly resonate.

Then, rank your order list of potential mentors by preference and start contacting them to set up regular meeting times and overarching goals for the mentor relationship when you first get together. Establishing a task to work on in between each meeting to get feedback and support is highly recommended.

In my opinion, you don’t need to personally know your preferred mentor as the interesting part is to approach them and inform them of your intention to be mentored by them. Mentoring relationship is a powerful source of inspiration, knowledge, and establishing connections so don’t miss out.

6. Build your personal Brand

If you are an entrepreneur, building a personal brand has never been important that it is today so do invest to have a personal brand that clearly articulates who you are, what you do, and how you can help others. This makes it easier for others to see the value in connecting with you.

Anyone with access to the internet and social media can build an audience, position themselves as an expert and start attracting clients for their business. You can leverage your personal brand to build your network, both online and offline, quickly and effectively.

In conclusion, you are the most valuable asset you will ever own so consistent learning, personal and professional development should be your priority no matter how big or small that investment might seem to be. Remember to enjoy the process of your growth and take time to celebrate each base camp before reaching the summit.

At the end of your life, you may never regret not investing in that one stock, or property or not investing time at work. However, you will regret not investing the time in yourself, the greatest asset you can ever own.

Sakthivel Thevar is an award-winning leader in Financial Services and a highly sought-after international speaker and Maximum Performance coach within the business and corporate circle starting his career in the most challenging way possible, as a military officer and Airborne Ranger in the Singapore Armed Forces.

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