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7 top things individuals look for in new job opportunities.

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The reality is we spend so much time at our jobs hoping that we have picked a career that is somewhat fulfilling or at the least bearable most of the time. The sad reality is over 80% of people hate their jobs which means they hate what they are doing for a significant chunk of time in their life.

Being someone who made a mid-career switch myself from the Military, it’s always interesting when I talk to many who happen to be at the same crossroad that I was at 15 years ago.

Over the years, having the opportunity to talk to more than hundreds of individuals, I have come to realize that the number one reason majority of those who decide to look for new opportunities change their jobs is not because of their bosses or because they aren’t paid well. Not that their current work is too challenging or not challenging enough.

The main reason they change jobs or look for new opportunities is for career advancement because they feel their current job is a dead end that offered no chance to grow. That’s not to say other factors don’t play a part but the feeling that personal and professional growth seems elusive in their current life phase is definitely a key reason.

Think about the feeling of getting up every morning to go do something you loathe and just keep doing it day after day. The fact is not all of us can just drop everything and go in search of the dream career right this second due to our commitments and what makes it worst is a fulfilling career does not mean it is filled with fun all the time. That’s the fact of life.

My advice to these individuals that I talk to is to first understand and be clear about what is it that they are looking for when they are looking for an ideal career whether it’s working in a company or starting their own business. I have noticed that the below 7 factors are commonly mentioned so see if any of them resonates with you

Here are 7 top things that individuals are looking for in new job opportunities:

1. Opportunity for leadership and growth:

Individuals looking for job opportunities that offer the potential for leadership roles and opportunities for growth in their careers. Many may feel that they have reached a plateau in their current careers and are looking for new opportunities to advance and grow professionally.

2. Personal and Professional growth:

New job opportunities that offer them the opportunity to learn new skills, challenge themselves, and grow both professionally and personally, can help them advance their careers and increase their earning potential

3. Work-life balance:

Jobs that offer a better work-life balance, allow them to spend more time with their families, friends, and loved ones. They need to be empowered the control of their time to live life by their own design to pursue their passion and personal interests outside of work.

4. Financial stability:

New job opportunities that offer better compensation and benefits packages for their time and effort.

5. Job satisfaction:

New job opportunities that can offer them greater job satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment to make an impact on the people around them.

6. Supportive working culture:

A better working culture, with a supportive and collaborative work environment, opportunities for mentorship and professional development, and a strong commitment to work-life balance.

7. Change in interests or values:

When the individual has developed new interests or values that do not align with his or her current career. This is when they start looking for opportunities to pursue a career that is more aligned with their personal values and interests.

Given that we are spending so much time spending in our working life, it makes sense to take some time to review if we are doing what we really want. Are these 7 factors in line with the job you are currently doing or the new opportunity that you are looking for?

The question is are we able to get that perfect job that can offer us all that we want or listed above? Maybe not all of us may be that fortunate, but at least we won’t have to be doing a job that is completely not aligned with what we want out of our life and career.

Today, living my life by design, it's my purpose to share my journey and more with as many individuals out there open to opportunities in Advisory practice and live life by their design so let’s chat if I can add value to you.

Why do I do this? It’s because everybody deserves an opportunity to live life by their own design.


Sakthivel Thevar is an award-winning leader in Financial Services and a highly sought-after international speaker and Maximum Performance coach within the business and corporate circle starting his career in the most challenging way possible, as a military officer and Airborne Ranger in the Singapore Armed Forces.

I would love to share more about my career in the financial planning industry with as many individuals out there so let’s chat if I can add value to you.


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