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Do you feel that Personal and Professional growth seems elusive in your current life phase?

  • Are you stuck in a mundane daily routine that does not allow you to have a work-life balance?


  •  Do you feel that you have much more to offer to make an impact on the people around you?

  • Do you feel that life is much more than just earning an income and fulfilling your responsibilities?


  • Do you feel that you deserve to be empowered to live life by your own design?

If you are feeling this way, then I can assure you that you are not alone. I felt the same way 15 years ago which was the impetus for me to get out of my comfort zone to live life by design.

That's the reason we have the 'Life By Design Mentorship' for those who are at a similar crossroads that I was years ago. 

If you are feeling this way, then you might be interested to know more about our life By Design Mentorship' with these 3 steps. 

Read more about our 'Life By Design  Mentorship'

Do the 'Life By Design' scorecard

Schedule a chat with me

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Are you living life by your design?

What is 'Life By Design' Mentorship

The idea behind our ‘Life By Design Mentorship’ is to engage individuals who are looking to build a career or business that revolves around their lives rather than the latter. To allow individuals to balance the four key aspects of their lives. Wellness, Self, Relationship, and Aspiration without compromising professional and personal growth.

However, I firmly believe that there’s a seriously important step before moving into this action phase. You need to look at why you’re feeling this way in the first place and that is why we have our ‘Life By Design’ scorecard to help you understand the areas you are doing well in and need to work on.

The mentorship program looks into the option of running your own Financial Advisory practice and learning to balance your time and attention on things that really matter to you.

Our Mentorship is conducted in a  progressive and systematic way, enabling you to adopt the right mindset, strategize your action plans and execute them to achieve your desired goals and results. The key is to progressively increase your actions by many folds and achieve maximum performance at each stage and get to where you want to be in life.


"The first step to success in life is to make an informed decision and take action."


To find out more about our Mentorship

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Switching my career after the Life By Design Mentorship has allowed me to build a business revolving my life which means more time to pursue my other aspirations without compromising my career and responsibilities. 

Khalil Ramlan

Worked in the Events Planning Industry


Our team of mentors and Life By Design mentees who had benefited from the mentorship who took the decision to empower themselves to make the change to live life by their design building a profitable Advisory practice.

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In 'Life By Design' we believe that our success is dependent on each other's sucess in achieving a balanced and purposeful life while building a profitable Advisory business.

Jacky Lim

LBD Mentor | Entrepreneur

LBDW Aq.png

The 'Life By Design, Mentorship focused on what I aspired to be. My Mentors guided me in a step by step process to list out my goals, design action plans and encouraged me to execute it progressively.

Aqidah Rushdi

Personal Assistant

LBDW Narein_edited.jpg
LBDW Narein_edited.jpg

'Life By Design' Mentorship gave me the opportunity to learn and work with experts in the field to build a unlimited potential of income and pursue my passion to travel.


Worked as an Electronics Engineer

LBDW Zul_edited.jpg

I am glad that Life By Design mentorship has guided me  to break away from a mundane routine and empower myself to make an impact on the people around me.

Muhammad Zulkifli

Worked as a Police Officer

LBDW Cas_edited_edited.jpg

Being part of the 'Life By Design' Mentorship has given me the opportunity grow both my professionally and personally. 

Cassandra Pek

Human Resource

LBDW Zhiyu_edited_edited.jpg

Gave me the clarity of the Whats, Whys and Hows I want to achieve and work towards it in a systematic way. The on-boarding process was seamless and very professional

Lim Zhi Yu

Worked as an Engineer



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